Best media player for Mac?

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Welcome Bill.

I have a G4 Mac mini but need to get a dvi to hdmi cable to connect. I was wondering what the best media player would be? I'm new to mac! I have itunes but most of my music is in flac format. I also have a small collection of 24bit hi res files.

Many thanks

I look forward to receiving the hiface Dave. Thank you.

You may find the G4 a limiting factor. Something like Plex requires an Intel processor.

Hi Dan

I use Pure Music on a Mac Mini and convert everything to Apple Lossless using DbPowerAmp.  Flac is not well supported in the Apple environment - yes some programs handle it - but a few don't.  I however find Apple Lossless plays on just about anything.  I rip using Exact Audio Copy to Flac then convert to Apple Lossless on my main computer which is a Windows machine.  I used to use the ripper in Itunes and on most disks it is exactly the same as Exact Audio Copy - but if it has a error it does not report it and on a few disks when you play it back you can hear some artifacts.  The problem with EAC though is it does not know about as many disks.  On those few I generally either copy the info from Itunes using the clipboard or make sure I clean my disk and use Itunes to rip it.



  • So is anyone using their Mac (or PC, for that matter) for video/TV as well as audio?
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    I use my TFS for Bluray (straight HDMI). After jason and i tried a few Bluray players, we decided that powerdvd 10 was best.
    At present, my Internet allowance (via dongle) is too limited to allow for tv use, so I haven't yet looked at general video players.
  • What is powerDVD10? A download?

  • Google is your friend.
  • I use mine as a home theater PC playing both video and music

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    Yes - powerdvd 10 is a download for playing DVDs and (crucially for me) blurays. It plays other media too, but I haven't explored these with it.

    Did I just ANSWER a digital media question...?!
  • Thank you, oh great digiguru!
  • Diginirvana is close to me now. The only remaining issue on which I need to experience digiclarity is where to find the stylus on a sound card...
  • I don't know how good it is, but MiRow looks interesting.
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