Jack Johnson - Re-Mastered!

edited April 2011 in Buying music direct
(Apologies Jazz-fans...)

A bit of a guilty pleasure, Jack Johnson (the Hawaiian Surfer, Filmaker, Mate of Ben Harper,
Nice guy, pretty good musician,) has remastered his rather good debut
album 'Brushfire Fairytales' with very nice results IMO. There are a few
bonus live tracks as well.

It will be available in 'AAA' 180gm vinyl (whatever that is) and is now on Bandcamp as a direct purchase.


Thanks to Chris Connaker on Computer Audiophile for the heads-up.


  • I believe vinyl is something that people with, ahem, specialist personal tastes make clothing from  X_X
  • I should have said the bandcamp link is for a FLAC download.
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