Jazz: AUM Fidelity label

I can also recommend buying CDs direct from AUM Fidelity. The discs arrive quickly, and tend to have a hand-written note saying Enjoy!

So much essential stuff from the NYC avant garde/downtown scene.


  • Wow, nice find.  The recordings (from the samples) seem to be very well done, with little compression and good balance.  I'm not a huge free improv guy, so recommend one that's more left of center but not too far left.  The Mike Pride stuff?
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    They are very nice recordings. Natural rather than flashy, if you see what I mean. Although I Plan to Stay a Believer are not the best quality live recordings I've heard.

    The albums on AUM Fidelity are free jazz rather than free improv, although that might be more of a meaningful split here in Europe than in the US. On the whole, AUM Fidelity isn't the scariest free jazz label out there, but some are a little interesting, shall we say? ;-)

    I don't have the Mike Pride stuff, but if you have Spotify, you can try:



    William Parker – Raining On The Moon (this is particularly accessible, with some very nice vocals from Leena Conquest)


  • I'm lurking with intent here...
  • Give them a go on Spotti, Alan, and see what you think.
  • Thanks but Spotify is not accessible in the US.  Oh well, I'll try some more samples.  Thx
  • I was afraid that would be the case.

    You have Pandora, we have Spotify.

    You should be OK with Raining on the Moon.
  • I ordered The Fully Celebrated - Drunk.  Very nice stuff, thanks! 
  • Great choice!

    I keep going back to that album. One of my most played purchases from last year.
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