It has taken Alan and I nearly 2 years but we have got there yipeee


  • Bloody brilliant.
    You're rightly proud. :-)
  • No bloody tired Ben, a long day at the Hammersmith Hi-fi show met up with some old friends and my mate Howard but to be honest the walking was enough I went to bed at 8PM and woke at 830AM the longest sleep I have had for two years. But worth every effort.

    The Lads at Naim were please to see me and it was great to see Max Townsend a great bloke. And the horns from AER sounded amazing.

    Michell Engineering guys were fantastic to meet and chat to but I was thankfully ignored by the Kog Gang.

    And I would like to thank Kieron for his patients hobbling along with me.
  • Well done Colin!
  • Get you amps back soon Dave before Alan fits them into the Van he he :D
  • Nice to hear Colin very pleased for you.
  • AntiCrap said:
    Get you amps back soon Dave before Alan fits them into the Van he he :D
    Is that what they're for? Bloody car amps! :-)
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    The bass removes rust
  • You inspire us Colin. You have been dealt quite a few raw deals of late. Just one of these would stop any one of us dead in our tracks. But you have kept overcoming. I really do take my hat off to you mate. Proud to be you friend. We all wish you every possible success!!!
  • Great news Col really pleased for you and wish you all the best for future.
  • Wishing you every success.
  • Congratulations both and good luck with your venture.
  • I'm sure the range will be cooler than a cool thing, those heatsink extrusions look nice already.
    Best of.
  • Well done Colin.

    I wish yourself and Alan the very best of luck :)

  • Great news and wish you both all the best with this!
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