I've lost your profile pictures - sorry!

The upgrade seems to have gone well. Except for one thing.

Everyone's profile pictures have disappeared :-( And they don't seem to be in my backup either.

Can you please upload a pic and Chews will get back to looking as it did.

My apologies again. You just can't get the staff for these wages...


  • On the flipside, I appear to have gained an avatar that I never had before.  Silver lining and all that.
  • Yeah. In my quest for a fix, I tried a plugin which substitutes a Gravatar for any empty picture spaces.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't do this with pictures that used to be there, if you see what I mean.
  • It seems switching themes has brought back the profile pictures!
  • Oh, no it hasn't.

    I can see them on my iPad, but not on my Mac.

    Can you see everyone's profile pictures on a PC? Android?
  • All good here Dave. =D>
    They appear in Firefox on my Windows 8 (ugh-when's-that-free-Windows-10-going-to-download-?) laptop, and on my iPhone...
  • Thanks Ben

    This is nuts.
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