Problems posting from tablet browsers?

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I've been having problems with my onscreen keyboard disappearing from my iPad mini screen sometimes when I go to type a post here on Chews.

I've now discovered it's a difficulty others have been having with other tablet browsers. I've narrowed it down to an interaction with the WYSIWYG editor plug-in we use here. 

I've posted a request for help in the Vanilla Forums Forum, and hope I can get it sorted out soon.

In the meantime, has anyone else been having problems like this? And with what hardware/software?


  • I've been having problems with tablets too, the swine get stuck in my throat!
  • Try the iPad mini. Much easier to get down :-)
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    I sometimes get that with my iphone, though not in the past month or so.

    EDIT - the disappearing keyboard, not the blocked throat.
  • Interesting. I've never had it on my iPhone - 4 or 5 - running several versions of iOS.

    What phone and iOS version are you using?
  • Did you have the same problems with iOS 5 and earlier?

    I'm guessing from the timescale that things might be better with iOS 6?
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    First time I've put that 2 and that 2 together. You're probably right, thinking about it now.
  • My disappearing keyboard is intermittent. Yesterday it was terrible, but today I've managed to write a couple of posts.
  • I shall have to pay the fee again!
  • I've found the answer. The Puffin browser is allowing me to post this evening, even if a little jerkily  
  • I had the same trouble, those huge sand stone notes will not fit into the cup holder on my PC. I tried using a ZIP program but the dust clogged the fans up and it stopped working. Can you help with that Alan? 8-}
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