BBC R&D music visualisation online trial - please take part :-)

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I have a good friend who works in the BBC R&D department. He has worked on the development of various digital broadcast formats (e.g DAB and freeview). Knowing I'm into my music he forwarded to me an email from one his colleagues (not known to me) asking for help in the development of a music visualisation tool. I followed the link and took part. It was quite fun. :-)
I asked if I could open it up to some audio chums and was given the OK, in fact they're looking for as many responses as possible. If you fancy it, see below (I've copied the email text too, I don't know any more about this than is contained in the mail or the linked trial. Oh and hurry - the trial closes tomorrow.):


currently running a trial to test out a method of Music Visualisation
for the Making Musical Moods Metadata (M4) Project, and I would really
appreciate your participation. 

online trial can be completed by clicking on the link below and
following the instructions. It is not expected to take more than 15
minutes to complete. The trial should work on any browser that supports

Link to trial:

Please pass this on to anybody else you think may be interested in taking part (inside or outside the BBC).

The trial will be active for a week, so the deadline for completion is 4pm Friday 26th October 2012, although I'm hoping that for some of you this might make the perfect Friday afternoon pre/post-cake activity!

If you have any questions or encounter any problems please let me know,

Many thanks for your help,


Rebecca Gregory-Clarke

BBC Research and Development

Centre House, London

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