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All members will treat other members as they would if they were standing face-to-face - anyone who doesn't understand the implications of this really doesn't belong here.

Make no judgmental mention of other forums or members of other forums.

Links to other websites may only be made as a point of interest/reference - eg music or information about hi-fi components.

While all posts are the opinion of the person posting, and not the owners, administrators or moderators of this community, anything judged as libelous or inflammatory will be removed. 

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  • Some
    general elaboration, copied from a previous thread. It seemed worth
    keeping up here a general reference wrt AudioChews's place among
    other UK forums (and it took a while to write, so you will read it &
    like it...). The following are some sweeping generalisations by me. -

    If you look at any thread on the larger UK Hi-Fi forums
    regarding something like component burn in, whether 'competently
    designed' amplifiers all sound the same or particularly whether
    cables actually sound different to each other, you will quickly
    notice the, shall we say - 'robust debating' style that typifies
    these forums. It is largely a knee jerk reaction to marketing
    flimflam and ridiculous (and occasionally legally disproved)
    pseudo-scientific claims by many manufacturers and, sadly, partisan
    reviewers. These factors have been a part of the Hi-Fi landscape for
    three decades, and cause feelings to run deep.

    Audio Chews is
    also a reactionary community, it was established out of
    disappointment with some other forums in which it was no longer OK to
    say what we heard without being shot down someone who 'knows better',
    or another forum where you could be as nasty as you wanted about
    anyone anywhere. All voices can be heard here, and we don't even mind
    robust comments so long as they leave room for the other view without
    devaluing the opinions of either side. The watchword at Audio Chews
    is respect.

    To elaborate a little further, in the UK there is
    an uneasy truce between the 'objectivist' audiophile - the one who
    has the knowledge to say something does or does not happen, and
    crucially is happy to discount what he thinks he hears if his
    understanding tells him otherwise, and the more 'subjective'
    audiophile, which is the general bias of this forum. We ('subjective'
    audiophiles) don't want to be deceived, and are happy to be educated,
    but not to be patronised. Challenged - perhaps yes, but not told that
    we can't hear what we are in fact experiencing in our listening rooms
    because someone somewhere else 'knows' differently.

    therefore adopt a live & let live attitude, that is to say we as
    'subjectivist listeners' accept we don't always understand what we
    describe nor can we prove it (nor feel the compulsion to), but
    equally an 'objective audiophile' cannot change the reality of what
    we hear. The uneasiness of this 'truce' dictates a certain amount of
    respect be shown in writing to the opposing sides of the issues at
    hand, whatever one might think privately.

    Finally, if we all
    can accept this position, then the occasional post that has an
    unusually robust style can be seen in context and accepted for what
    it is, without the taking of offence. The whole situation seems to be
    a largely British phenomenon, especially once the context is taken
    into account, but I hope that helps a little. :(|)

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