Chews News should be in your e-mail boxes

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The first issue of our occasional newsletter, Chews News, should be in your e-mail boxes now.

Please let us know what you think - I already know that the design is, um, basic... but better out amongst Chewers than stuck on a server!


  • Well done Dave, I got mine. I like the idea a lot, thanks for the hard work.
  • Thanks Alan. Sorry that I never got around to putting all the content in it that we discussed, and the appearance was so rudimentary, but the looming cut-off date for the comp meant I needed to get it out.

    I'll do the next one in a couple of weeks or so as we still have some stuff to say.
  • Cool. You da man, man!
  • Thanks Dave, I think my fat fingers accidentally deleted the email...
    Any way I can access it...?
  • I'll see what I can do. I'll have a look this evening.
  • Actually, I can just forward you my copy. Duh!
  • Thanks. I look forward to it!
  • It'll be with you RSN!
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    I’ve recently been in correspondence with Richard Dunn of NVA. In his correspondence Richard has said that he feels that the recent ‘Chews news piece in which Dave reviews TQ black cable and compares it to his then reference cable, NVA LS5, is insulting to NVA LS5. Richard has also said that he believes that there is a campaign against NVA here at Audiochews. Richard has made similar comments in posts on the subjectivist forum. link

    When addressing such allegations, it important to be reminded that when Audiochews was set up, we moderators wanted to achieve a balance between freedom of speech and respect with which we were happy. We were uncomfortable with the disrespect that we perceived from time to time on some other internet forums, and wanted to create a less confrontational atmosphere here. A place in which people were free to voice opinions, but were required to do so in a way that was conducive with respect for all. With this in mind, obviously Richard’s allegations are taken seriously.

    Having exchanged several emails and PMs with Richard I get the sense that Richard feels that there is a lack of balance in postings here around the TQ cable competition, that NVA LS5 has been singled out for negative comparison. I think that I can clarify a few issues here. As NVA LS5 is the speaker cable that was instituted as the reference cable in the systems of all of the moderators here comparisons with it were likely in any postings about TQ black from those moderators who tried it. In the absence of other current comparisons to give a wider context, that may provide balance, it is worth underscoring the enthusiasm for the NVA sound here on Audiochews. Reading Uglymusic (Dave)’s TQ post, he clearly still rates NVA LS5 (e.g. “The LS5s are great cables at a great price”, it is cheaper than TQ Black). I have never heard a TQ cable so cannot hold an opinion on it, comparative or otherwise about them. My own personal opinion is that NVA LS5 remains my reference cable. To weigh down the NVA side of the scales yet further, it is worth pointing out that Uglymusic, Alan and me have all been happy NVA users for a good while and that NVA equipment appears more than once in each of our signatures. Some of the most popular Google searches for NVA products return results that include our posts. We all enjoy the sound that NVA products make. In fact if one Googles ‘NVA LS5’ the top result is a thread on PFM started by me praising LS5. I stand by the positive opinion that I gave there (and elsewhere) 100%.

    Moreover, anyone wishing to make similarly constructive comparisons between TQ Black and NVA LS5 cables, but in favour of LS5 would be more than welcome to do so on Audiochews. In fact, if I ever hear a TQ cable and am of that opinion I would be quick to do so myself. I know that Dave and Alan would be happy for such views, or any respectfully worded views, to appear on Audiochews.

    With regard to some of Richard’s specific allegations, I am 100% confident that Dave’s recent review of TQ is entirely honest. In all my dealings with Dave, he has behaved with honesty, integrity and decency. I have absolutely no reason to suspect that Dave’s positive opinions regarding TQ black are motivated by any other factor than the truth of his own opinions. As above, if Dave makes the comparison with LS5 it was simply because LS5 was his reference cable. I feel that it is acceptable and desirable, to make comparisons between specific components of which one has recent experience. I feel that Dave does this in a way that is constructive and respectful. Having read Dave’s piece several times I am left with the understanding that LS5 is a cable that he has regarded highly and still does “The LS5s are great cables at a great price”, “The timing and rhythm [of TQ black] are just as good as I’m used to - and they’re two of the real priorities with my system.”. In fact, I can’t perceive any other overall message from Dave’s review than one that says ‘TQ cable is my new favourite cable LS5 is now my second favourite cable’. In an attempt to understand the details of Richard’s concerns about the piece, I have asked Richard for the specific words, phrases or sentences that he feels are insulting to NVA LS5 so that I and the other moderators can consider and if necessary address them. I have not yet received these. I feel that this specificity is important in highlighting what changes are being requested.

    With regard to Richard’s allegation of a ‘deliberate campaign against NVA’, again I have asked Richard to highlight the posts on ‘Chews that together he sees as constituting such a campaign. Flicking through the forum I could not see any evidence of any campaign against NVA that moderators can consider. Again I have not received any highlighting of posts that Richard believes constitute an anti-NVA campaign. Moderators guarantee that anyone posting resectful pro-NVA content is most welcome. Indeed, as we are all happy users of various pieces of NVA kit it would be bizarre for us to do otherwise.

    I know that Richard’s upset on this issue is real. I want all ‘Chews readers to be confident that I will always try to do the right thing. I know that the other moderators here also act with integrity and commitment to Audiochews principles of balancing freedom of speech with respect. I hope that my efforts in recent days to reasonably address Richard’s concerns have helped the situation, and return a little calm to the universe.

    EDIT: it's only fair to remind NVA users that Richard has stated that use of TQ cables with his amps will nullify the warranty of NVA amps. link
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    I cant add anything much to the above, as it states clearly where Audiochews stands, in particular the mod team.

    I too am sorry that feelings have been hurting recently in certain quarters, that was never a deliberate intention. NVA remains a much appreciated brand on Audiochews for its sonic abilities and astonishing value for money. 'Chews will always welcome NVA users (and non users) and treat all views equally.

    On the specific subject of speaker cables, NVA make seriously good cable, and it is not surprising that it is difficult - and expensive - to match it or better it, even if only then by shades of personal preference.
  • I remain confused as to why Richard is feeling hurt. I've spent more than 20 years endorsing his products in print, in person and online. I still do - every time I post here and his products appear in my signature.

    As I said very clearly, I still rate LS5 as an excellent cable. 

    I have some family things going on at the moment, so may not be around as much as usual over the coming days, but I'm sure Ben and Alan will be able to sort out any continuing problems Richard has.

    Now, can we get back to business as usual, please, everyone? :-)
  • Chews News 1 has been delivered, and in the interests of keeping things in the usual area of Chews decorum, I'm closing this Discussion.

    Move along now, there's nothing to see :-)
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