Have they been reading Chews?

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Vanilla Forums' own blog advocates Institutionalized Silliness as a great way to build a community.


  • My Grandmother died of TB.
    It's a wonder it wasn't VD.
    Cos my Grandfather's nob,
    Looked like corn-on-the-cob.
    And it hurt when he went for a pee.
  • Yup we have.
  • That's cool. Welcome Tim, we look forward to institutionalising you...
  • Thanks Tim

    Glad to see you here in the institution 
  • Yup we have.
    And you're letting us get away with it...?
  • Ssh! He may tell the Sensible Police about us. We don't want that.
  • The sensible police is one thing, the larger than life nutters in the community is another...


    "Just get in the car sir, no more excuses..."
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