How many of you have blogs?

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@PAL and @stupinder both have blogs. So do I.

I was wondering how many other of you have blogs, or web sites of some sort?


  • Oh poo! You know who I mean, don't you Sid?

    Sorry to muddle you with TV standards or dog food :\">
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    Of course John :)>-
  • What software do people use?

    I used to have one for my wedding photography business which was Wordpress with a plugin from a company called ProPhoto. Took a while to setup particularly the header and menus but once finished updating it was simplicity itself.
  • I've got a few logs out back, any good?
  • I've got a few logs out back, any good?
    The mind boggles!
  • Wordpress for me as well

  • I have heard about Jim's logs!
  • I've used to set up a couple of sites for free. Including one that some will recognise...

    I found it easy to use, and at the time seemed ok for a freebie, although I'm not sure I'd recommend it. About a year after setting them up I was locked out of both. At least, my password stopped working, the automatic means of getting a new one stopped working, and unless I upgrade to a paying account there's no tech' support.
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    I've got a handful of Wordpress sites/blogs on the go:-

    There's the site I manage, all built upon WP.
    Then there's the site, for which I had to code some heavy search engine plugins.
    I also run my own personal website/blog on WP too:

    I have a couple of others under wraps and I've also done commercial WP sites as a Freelancer. So yeah, I can definitely recommend WP!
  • I like WP.  User friendly, flexible and allows a very coherent site to be set up.  Latest blog is now out here
  • I'm wondering if anyone who has a blog could mention Audio Chews and the competition?
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