@Brain_Dead: Wishing For A Speedy Recovery!

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After a pretty bad year for his own health, Col's wife Kathy has had to have an emergency operation on her back. We're sure you all would like to join AudioChews in wishing Kathy a speedy and complete recovery, and in extending our very best wishes to Colin.

Hoping for good news!

Our warmest regards Col,

Your friends at AudioChews


  • Hope everything turns out well for Colin and Kathy.  Colin told me last night and my thoughts are with them.  I am awaiting major back surgery myself so know what a worry this must be for them.
  • we are all praying for you both at this time Col , 
  • just in case any of you folks were wondering what condition poor Kathy is suffering from here is a wee linky ,http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1165840-overview     
    serious and pretty damn sore! 
  • Thank you all for kindness and kind word.
    Today Kathy woke and was wanting feeding for the first time since Thursday.
    She can move her legs and lower limb with some difficulty but working no pain (thank god).
    The old Highland twinky is back in her eyes and we giggled and laugh.
    She ate her diner like a hungry T.Rex.
    She will be in incentive care for 6wks min and maybe in hospital for upto 3yrs( Not good I will died of food poisoning by then)
    On Friday they will be fitting a brace to start physio sitting up first, by 8PM she was sleeping, now my turn I have not slept for 27hrs and bits of me keep passing out, so good night and thanks to you all.
    On facecrap is a photo of her, yes before you say it Dave she is better looking than me. he he

  • Didn't say a word, Col ;-)

    Take it easy, and send Kathy our love.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you both for a speedy recovery for kathy.
  • All the best to you and yours Colin.
  • Great Col, all the best to your wife , everything will be ok,
  • Looking good so far Col. Sleep well!
  • Hi all she walked to the loo today aided by two big nurses and a back brace, and then she was so tired we both fell asleep hold hands ah ah go on altogether  ah ah Thanks for all you support, she will be in hospital a minimum of six week. And I will have to move bed and bathroom down stairs when she is home, but cant wait to get her back.
  • Top news! Go girl...

    Being escorted by some big ol' nurses doesn't seem so bad when I think about it, though I am sure your Kathy could do without it - but this all looks really good. You sound really happy too, which is great to see.

    Six weeks in hospital - you had better have deep pockets for those hospital car park fees...TQ prices might need to go up to cover them!

    Thanks for updating us here, you'll both stay in our thoughts until you're both out of the woods. Lets hope that speedy recovery happens without any hiccups.

    Sleep well...
  • Seems like things are on track.
  • Thanks Guys

  • Sounds encouraging, Col.

    Give Kathy our love.
  • Today I had some bad new the infection has come back so she may have to go through the operation again.
    Her temperature keep rising. 
  • sorry to hear that Col, i know you will be feeling pretty damn helpless and hopeless at the moment but keep that chin up my friend , we are all crossing everything for you all.
  • Bated breath here Col, hoping she can be 'fixed' without more surgery! Stay strong, she is blessed to have you holding her hand.

  • Oh, that's not good news, Col.

    I hope Kathy doesn't have to go through surgery again.
  • Dear Audio Chew, Kathy was surprised at the lovely bunch of flowers sent from you and the chocs were smashing mmm Many thanks and gently hugs she sends to you all, thanks guys.
  • Col,
    Glad to hear they arrived safely!
    We're rooting for you both.
  • Our very great pleasure. Best wishes for you both, and thank you for sticking around.
  • No problem Col

    Big hugs back again (that's if Kathy can stand the thought! :-) ).
  • Love to Kathy Col.

    Take care.


  • No problem Col

    Big hugs back again (that's if Kathy can stand the thought! :-) ).
    Oh you will be hugged to death like me and I am Brain-lost, dead, oh something like that. Cheers again.

  • At long last Kathy is home, so I have become her house slave.
    Fitted with a brace from the Roman Army Surplus Stores, she is moving about. The next 3 month will tell how much damaged there is to her , not me. Lots of test in between so "CJ Taxis" will be running to and fro to Hospital. 
    She send her kind regards to the usual suspect with hugs.

    Thanks to all.
  • Fantastic news, Col

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Love to Kathy
  • Well done Kathy! Keep up the good work Col, still thinking of you both.
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