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  • Hello there my name is Pete [the Feet]

    I came across the site whilst researching DACs on another site. I am a relative newbie to this digital malarkey having purchased my Dacmagic and Squeeze Duet in May 2009. I have been on the lookout for an upgrade to the current DAC but as yet haven't heard any other options.

    I have undergone a few system changes in the last 18 months after years of relative stability system wise. the current set up consists of:

    LP12 basic arm and Rega cartridge [Seldom used]

    PC storage on laptop


    Squeeze Duet

    Denon DAB/AM/FM tuner [DAB is quite a let down]

    Yamaha Cassette recorder

    Yamaha DSP for weekly film

    Naim NAC 52


    NAP 135's

    Rega R5 speakers

    I'm not sure whether to either upgrade the speakers first or the DAC whichever gives most bang for buck as they say. Having said that the majority of my listening these days is via Spotify as I'm enjoying listening to something a little less familiar than my own collection.


    Here's wishing you every success in your new venture and I hope it takes off.


    PS. Where was the show that was mentioned where the DACs were compared? A chap who I bought a NAP250 off has compared many Dacs and has so far remained with his Dacmagic as he finds it less fatiguing than some he tried and also good value for money.

  • Was that the hallowe'en bake-off show at the Epping Marriott...?
  • Hello Pete, & welcome. We're all learning here, glad you could lend a hand. DACs are one of current fascinations here.
  • Welcome Pete and enjoy.
  • Yes, of course...welcome pete!
    Apologies for the lack of a warm handshake in my previous post!
  • Hi Pete


    I was one of those that ran the Digital Streaming room at the show.

    What we found after a day of hard swapping and comparing was that there were very few differences between the DACs we tried - at prices between £150 and £4k. So your friend may have something.

    However, I think we are at one of those technology turning points at the moment and there will be big differences to be had. The Young DAC that @Alan and myself have been lucky enough to get two of the first batch in this country makes a bigger difference in sound than any of the DACs we listened to. And it's less than £1000.

    I just need to figure out whether I can live with it, and also be sure that it's the finished package.
  • I'm glad you made it, Sergio - can you think of something to say? We're all a bit quiet this week!
    hi my friend , well .. my name's sergio , i live near milano , italia , i like good music and also talk about the systems they reproduce it in a home environment , some ppl here i know , including Alan who sold me a pair of nva a70 , i think im a little bit crazy for hifi in the last year wife is not happy at all of it , of my box swapping , and continuous buying of records , ive several amps ,sources and loudspeakers , but in these days i often listen to music with an exposure xv , arcam cd 192  cdp , tech sl1200-dl160 .
    Happy new year to everybody folks!
  • Hi Sergio and welcome
  • danke Jim !
  • Happy New Year Sergio!
  • grazie Ugly , also to u !
  • Sergio - how much kit have you got after last year? My old amps, a TSS, at least three DACs, now exposure as well....are you starting a shop?


    Have you seen the new M2Tech Young DAC? Very have room for some more!
  • no Alan ,  i don't ... unfortunately is not the start of a business , but hifi mania  have taken me , i hope to get sane asap !

    yes i have seen it , i dont have space enough for it , moreover is a bit pricey in my opinion, i had good feeback from some ppl in italy that a mf v-dac modified can be a killer dac also with contenders of higher prices !

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    Hello.  I'm Andy aka Uzinusa.  I love music and go to as many gigs as i can which is typically 1 every 2 weeks. My interests cover everything from new & old electronica (Caribou, Kraftwerk), folk (CSNY, Elliott Smith, Kate Walsh, Led Zep), classical (particularly choral and opera [although I just like the singing in opera]), Rock, World (like Sara Tavares), Jazz, even brass-band :-)

    I'm running a Mac Mini (2010), Pure Music, HiFace, Lavry DA10 / M2Tech Young Dac, into DIY Starfish and dual mono-NCC200 amps, out through nSats at the moment, although I lust Arcs.

    Just another geek I guess.  Andy
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    Hello, fellow geek! Welcome to the (very small, quite quiet) party!

    I would love to hear some Shahinians in my setup, though maybe it's best I don't! Are you getting your system acceptably close to the live experience yet? - not that it could ever be done...You have pretty eclectic tastes for sure. If your rig can play all that well then I shall take your recommendations seriously!
  • Hi Alan.  Thanks for the invite and welcome.  Not near enough the live yet, though I am constantly amazed at what those little nSats can chuck out and yes they do remarkably well on a wide range of music!  I think once the DAC comparison is over (and I'm not unhappy with the HiFace/Lavry but just wanted to try the Young) my focus is on speakers.  I've heard a very similar setup, through my Lavry but out of Arcs.  This was stunning and airy and visceral and had everything I could wish for.  I've been offered a try of a friends Arcs in my house and that being well I'm certainly on the lookout for some nice, oak s/h ones.
  •   I've been offered a try of a friends Arcs in my house and that being well I'm certainly on the lookout for some nice, oak s/h ones.

    Is he called Noah?


    Noah's Arks...see what I did there?

    I'll get my coat then...
  •   I've been offered a try of a friends Arcs in my house and that being well I'm certainly on the lookout for some nice, oak s/h ones.

    Is he called Noah?


    Noah's Arks...see what I did there?

    I'll get my coat then...
    Unfortunately, I did  :-D
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    i'm starting to see what kind of world you occupy  [-(
  • It says something about Audio Chews that we actually allow him to be a mod. I'm just trying to work what it says  O:)
  • I'll be booted out when you do...
  • Hello all - some of you will have come across me on other forums, but for those who haven't, here's a few bits n pieces about me.

    I run 2 music systems: the 1st consists of an Eclipse SE turntable/SME V/Ortofon Cadenza Blue/Whest PS30R Phono/Esoteric UX1 CDP/Exposure MCX Pre/4 x Exposure XVI Mono Power/Neat Ultimatum MF7.

    The 2nd doesn't get used as much (I could be tempted to part with any/all the items): Luxman PD272 turntable/Stanton 681/NVA Phono 1/Micromega Classic Solo CDP/NVA P50SA Pre/2 x NVA A80 Mono/Isobariks

    I'm based in Lincolnshire - the land that time forgot. Not far from Gromit actually. My interests are a passion for music (natch), live and recorded; art, architecture and design; photography; skiing; sailing; wine; and basically, pleasure in all it's forms. Happy to be here :)
  • Hi Theo - Good to see you here. I've seen you on other forums, and look forward to your musings.

    I also like that we are attracting the nice forum characters over here!
  • Hi Theo - great to see you on here, hope you enjoy this little corner of the www. :)
  • Welcome Theo, enjoy.
  • Hi Theo.  New here myself but not far away from you either in Notts.
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    I'm Steve based near Sevenoaks in Kent.

    Main system is:

    MacBook/Amarra Mini/Pure Music/AyreWave/Audirvana (whichever is my preferred version, currently Amarra)
    Weiss DAC202
    David Berning ZH270
    ART Emotion Signatures.

    I also have a Lavry DA10, Naim Nait 2 & Naim IBL second system and a Headphone set-up consisting of AKG 701s fed by a Weiss DAC2 / Heed Canamp.

    Music taste very wide, with Classical and Opera sitting alongside Rock, Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Big Band Swing, Folk, the odd crooner and a limited amount of prog.

    I hope the forum is a success.

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    Hi Steve, thanks for coming & the kind words.

    The forum is very new, and equally small. Please feel free to add to it's character by contributing as you wish - start any discussions you please. That goes for all new members as well.

    The over-riding factor here is friendliness - there aren't really many other guidelines over or above that.

    You have a very interesting system, ART speakers are something I hove long wanted to hear, and you have the pick of the crop from what I have learned in forum-land.

    I'd be very interested on your thoughts comparing your playback software as well, this seems to be a hot topic right now. We have a member here called Ted who is a beta tester for PureMusic, I think.
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    Hi All,

    My names Dave and im from Hornchurch in Essex and SteveS1 introduced me to this forum as you may have guessed i am a big Hammers fan who loves music and hi-fi my present system is:                             
    DIGITAL:        Macbook Pro using i-tunes/Pure music /Weiss dac 2 /Meridian 500 transport
    ANALOGUE:   LP12 / DVxx2 / Aro / Rega Ios / Lingo 2
    AMP:             Graaf GM50b Valve amp
    SPEAKERS:     Kudos C20

    I also have a Creek headphone amp with Grado cans for late night listening sessions.
    Like Steve i would like to wish the forum and the boys who run it every success.



  • Welcome Dave, I hope you get comfortable here.
  • Warm welcomes to both Steve and Dave, enjoy.
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    HI everyone!

    My name is Phil and I live in Bletchley, Bucks. I am married with 2 small children - Emily (3) and Ewan (9 months).

    My system consists of:


    Tribute MC SUT

    Audio Innovations P2

    CEC TL53Z

    Audio Note (Kondo) M7

    New Audio Frontiers 845SE

    Living Voice OBX-R2


    I will be demoing a M2 Tech Young DAC in the new week or so, with a view to upgrading the performance of my digital front end. It was a thread from another forum regarding this DAC that led me to this very fine new forum. Some of you may know me from Wigwam.

    I have varied tastes in music from electronica, prog house, jazz, acoustic, indie, rock. Never managed to get into classical - but as I approach my forties (later this year) that may all change. I hated jazz a few years ago and find myself listening to it frequently now! Must be getting old I guess LOL.

    Would just like to wish the team every success with this forum. 




  • Welcome Phil, enjoy mate.
  • Hi there.

    I'm Peter from Aarhus, Denmark. I'm 48 and interested in hi-fi (Naim and more), music (+ streaming), end-user computing, poetry and Lit.. I'm an English teacher at an Upper Secondary school.

    As for kit, I have the following Naim kits. I like what I have, but have an open mind for other gear. Lately the French integrated Devialet Premier D (a hybrid Class D/A amp) has caught my attention.

    (Main) Naim  Nac 252 / Naim Supercap / Naim Nap 200 / SB Touch / Aune Dac (rolled opamps) / Mission 737

    (Study) Naim Nac 62 / Naim Nap 140 / Naim Prefix (in need of PSU) / Thorens TD 160 MKII w. Morch UP-4 and Denon 103R / Shuttle SG33G6 w. EMU 1212m / B&O Beocord 6500 + 9000 / Naim nSats (wallmounted)

    Likely next steps will include: Speakers, Dac (Rega?, M2TechYoung?, Naim Dac or HifiAkademie ...? or ...), Streamer, Power Amp/Preamp.

    Music: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tom, Waits, Tom Petty, 70s/80s New Wave (XTC, The Jam, The Stranglers, B-52s, Talking Heads, Devo, The Associates, etc.), Leonard Cohen, Carla Bruni, Rammstein, The Go-Betweens, Lou Reed, The Who - and really a very broad spectrum of 1950s to 2011-music.

    I often visit Pinkfish and Naim forums. In the past I spent much time at a dedicated  Small Form factor forum, "Sudhian", mainly in the Shuttle section. I always use Rosewind as my user name.

    Best wishes,
  • Welcome Peter, enjoy.

    Another Dylan fan, that makes 2 now :)
  • Hi Phil -good to see the 'heavyweights' coming over to add to character - you are most welcome here & thanks for the kind words.
  • @Rosewind . Peter - Hi. I too am Danish, though I've been in the UK since birth almost & only visited Denmark once. My mother didn't teach me Danish as she thought I would get confused! - what a wasted opportunity!

    I was born in Viborg, and visited there once about 15 years ago. I also went to Arhus - which is a lovely place. I liked Silkeborg the best though. My Aunt & Cousin are coming to visit me this weekend from Viborg so I shall be reminded how loudly Danish women speak!

    Welcome to our little forum - I hope you will feel at home here & join in.
  • Heavyweight?
    I'll have you know i've been on a diet! LOL
  • So many new members! Hello to everyone

    It feels as if this place is growing nicely now. I hope you'll all find something to comment on - we're pretty relaxed about different points of view, as you can see.


  • Thanks Jim and Alan!

    Alan: I teach English in Viborg and have done so for 17 years now. I refuse to count the times I've driven from Aarhus to Viborg and back during those years.

    Best wishes,
  • Hello from Mozza (aka Steve)

    Just received a tip-off from Jim about this new place to hang out.

    I listen to all sorts of stuff, with a preference for vinyl, but I'm quite interested in building a computer based set-up too.  Looks like I've come to the right place....

    Kit wise I'm exploring all things valvey and loving it.  My current set-up is a Garrard 401 with Jelco 10.5 and Denon 103, Ear 834P phono stage, Yaqin MC10L amp and Tannoy Monitor Gold 15s in home made GRF cabs.  I also have an Avondale Cd player which I love, and a recently acquired Leak Troughline Stereo tuner.

    That's about it!

    Look forward to chewing the fat....


  • Welcome mate!  Enjoy :)
  • Hi Moz

    Some of us have been known to have a small interest in computer audio. I hope we can help you out.
  • Don't listen, you'll end up on the dark side with a Mac

    :-O  ;-)
  • That makes me sound like some kind of flasher  :O

  • :-)) :-)) :-))
  • Hello Moz, welcome to the nuthouse!
  • Speak for yourself!  ;))
  • I thank you, mr Tea-pot!
    :[email protected]
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