How to: You Can Post Pictures On AudioChews!

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This forum is slightly different to others in many ways, one of the hardest to adapt to in the short term is posting pictures. It is actually quite easy, but as with all things it is best to be shown first. So here it is...

You should host your pictures off site on Photobucket, Flikr or similar - This is similar to most other forums. I am only familiar with Photobucket, so that is what this explanation is based on.

You need to copy the 'Direct link' next to your photo on photobucket. The direct link is the one which begins: 'http://'. Then you can insert your photo on AudioChews
by using the little button (three in from the top right over the
box where you write your text) with a picture on it.

When you press that, you will get another, smaller, text
box in which to paste your direct link. Remember though to delete the 'http://' first otherwise when you paste your link you will have two 'http://' and the link will fail.
Click 'submit' and your photo should appear in your text box.

This method will also work for most images on the internet, such as those you might find and want to share from Google images. Simply right click your mouse over the image you want to copy onto AudioChews and select 'Copy Image Location'. Then insert it on AudioChews in the same way outlined above.

We hope this helps, please don't hesitate to ask if it doesn't work for you - we'll find a way!


  • It works a bit like this:

  • Screen grabs would be nice please
  • All together now !
    All i want for christmas is some screen grabs
  • Only if you sing it! :-)
  • Im banking on an xmas prezzie when i return from France over the hols..............dont ask for a lot.
  • oh well............perhaps not !        :(
  • Screenshots ??
  • The screenshots will vary depending upon which image hosting service you use.  I use Flickr which even provides a 'Share' option, under which is the exact link required for pasting into forum sites - I copy it and paste it into the forum post.  Nothing more to it.

    Which image hosting service are you using? 
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    Strangely enough, James, I use Flickr for its simplicity, too. 

    @scottyhammer I've written an outline of how to paste using Flickr, but haven't finished it with screenshots, as there's always a pile to do, and as Chews pays me zip, many too many things slip for months at a time. Chews News has been an idea since we first launched the forum, but it's taken until a few days ago to get it all ready to go.

    Sorry, again, for the delay. It will happen, but I need some time to be available.

  • Am using photobucket
  • ok will have a look at flicker
  • Ahhh - it works !
  • Nice looking kit.
    Look like a pretty boring programme on the TV though...
  • Ahhh - it works !
    It does!

    I hope it wasn't too painful a birth ;-)
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