NEVER BUY FROM R.S. Components

Stupid idiot large heatsinks in 1 layer of bubble rap, these were going on display now they are completely useless thanks you stupid idiots for the lack of care. Then left on door step in the rain, why ?? thanks for nothing.
I will now post this on all the forum I use.



  • So heatsinks badly wrapped by RS, left in the rain by a courier who didn't care.
    Such is the modern world. 
  • What sort of response have you had from RS Col?
  • That is a good question. 
  • With their automated line picking system the packer will also be recorded on the order. If RS have been told they can go directly to the naughty little packer and give a boot up the rear.
    We expect the lowest standards from couriers but packers really ought to know better. Unfortunately a supply chain IS only as good as the weakest link... identify and replace.
  • This is why we get smashed parcels.
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