Colin Wonfor SECA boards (revision 2) built, with shielded transformers and Semikron heatsinks

I have set of fully built revision 2 SECA boards (dual mono) with 2 shielded transformers and 2 semikron p180 heatsinks. All components new and unused, bought from Colin earlier this year. I don't expect to have the time to finish these monoblocks anytime soon, and will be living with a headphone set up for now. I'd much they were being put to use elsewhere rather than sitting in my cupboard for years on end, so they are for sale.

Colin sold me these components for £200, which I was frankly humbled at as he could have asked for much more-needless to say the work on the boards themselves is exemplary. I am therefore asking for £200 and the cost of packaging/shipping. Please PM me if you are interested.


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