John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb - Hackensack

What a band! Recorded in Germany in 1960.
You'll perhaps think Coltrane blows them all away, or that he no longer fits with these musicians. Or does he manage to keep himself in check?


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    And there's this, also from Germany in 1960, also with Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb, but as it's apparently Miles' band, with Miles sitting out, it's Wynton Kelly on piano.
    There's more space for Coltrane to let go this time.

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    In the first one JC blows them all far far away Dave but then realises what he has done and 'joins' in.  Stan Getz was for me the classical smooth bluesy tenor not a hard bop player but tries hard to keep up. Likewise for Peterson more a classical jazz pianist. Cobb and Chambers are at least in the same league.
    I watched the Miles Davis documentary again where he realised Coltrane was doing his own thing and he had to 'let him go'. 

    In second one he just does his own thing on the tenor . When did he switch to alto ? 
  • You're right. At some stage, Coltrane seems to decide that he has to behave because he's been signed up for some kind of 'all-star' evening. I'm not a Getz fan, nor have I ever really got into Peterson.
    From memory, Coltrane was originally an alto player that switched to tenor way early in his career. He then played alto on that Live in Japan album from, I think, 1966 with Pharoah Sanders. Otherwise it was tenor and soprano for him.
  • I’ve never understood why Wynton Kelly became relatively ignored (if not at the time, but afterwards). As pianists go he could go boppier than a professor of hard bop from bebop university. 
  • He was fairly bopular  :s
  • uglymusic said:
    He was fairly bopular  :s
    Brilliant stuff Dave!
    Right up until that joke.
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