Faulty Cambridge Audio Dac Mag 2 ???

For years now my system has consisted of a trusty (and newly revamped) Incatech Claymore; a Cambridge Audio CD4 and a Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 2 all linked up to a pair of Mission 731i's/

The Dac Magic 2 has developed a fault. When it is synced up to the CD4 three of the green LED's on the front of the Dac Magic 2 light up to show it is locked. Recently the connection is dropping out and I am losing sound? I have had to remove the Dac Magic 2 from the system as although the fault is intermittent it keeps happening with more regularity. 

Anyone got any ideas as to what the fault could be? I have had the lid off and to my eyes all looks okay? I live in the depths of rural France so getting it fixed here is not an option? What should I look out for? Is it worth repairing? Could it be a faulty lead? 


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    I actually had one of those, many years ago. I also had a CD6.

    It's designed by John Westlake, he now lives in Czech republic so mailing it from French France might not be impossible. I understand he is active on Facebook, I believe his business is called Lakewest.

    A fault developing like that in a DAC makes me think a capacitor has been drifting off spec, but that's pure conjecture on my part. (Of course, it could just be a faulty lead, as you say.)

    The only other lead I can imagine is UK based, Chevron Audio are DAC specialists (mainly DPA and clock locking which is why I'm confident they know their way around old Westlake DACs as well).
  • Thanks for your reply Alan. I will look up John Westlake on Facebook. Maybe I will source a new lead too. Regards Paul
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