Pleased with this...



  • Thanks Dave.
    There are things about my progress that I like. My style is moving in a direction I'm happy with.
    I'm enjoying chucking things into 4 for some reason  
  • Triptych plus one!  :)
  • I guess that's a quadriptych then (going off to check now) , sounds like an off-roader with engine trouble :#
    Looks like you (Ben) are indeed settling into a style and you can rattle them off PDQ!!
  • The internet likes it!

    And yes. I am trying to inject something of Henry Ford into the artistic mix.
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    All your subjects are going to black?? :)
  • Not that Ford's subjects would ever be African American, of course.
  • But if they were, he would manufacture them in breathtaking number at great efficiency.
  • Completed the trio...  

  • Have you been playing Ennio Morricone?
  • ...I was. But this week it's been all John Williams...

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    Been busy!
    Was asked to do another The Good The Bad and The Ugly set. Here's Tuco from that (happier with it than I was with the first)...

  • ...And a Hepburn triptych...

  • And finally a big (3x2 foot) working of the "Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'" scene from Shawshank...

  • Great work!
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