Moderation: why it is the way it is

With regard to moderation, there seems to be a fine line between snarky/bitchy (which is cheap, but stays within the bounds of free speech), forthright / 'spade a spade' / doesn't tolerate fools gladly (considered positive, but usually a pain the neck) and defamatory, which - legally - is out of order. If the legal system can't always make the distinction, it's no wonder different forums have different rules. Good luck with that, mods!
We accept that it's difficult and, without taking a swipe at other places in the Interwebs, there are plenty of examples of failures.

We're just having a go in our own way. It may or may not work in the long term. And, if people don't like what we're trying to do, they will vote with their feet - or vice versa.

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