A word in everyone's ear

We're in danger of becoming a little overheated today.

Can I remind everyone of the key tenet of this Community?:

All members will treat other members as they would if they were standing face-to-face - anyone who doesn't understand the implications of this really doesn't belong here.


  • Thank you, folks.

    If anyone said something in the heat of the moment that they'd rather not let stand, please feel free to edit your posts.
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    I've been a bit absent lately... Family/work commtiments have obstructed my involvement here...

    I was pleased to see this thread from Ugly' today.

    The embryonic stage of this forum was quiet. Quiet and harmonious. As the membership grows, disagreements between members will become more likely. No problem there.

    Indeed, I'm sure that everyone's comfortable with disagreements over products or music. It's one of the purposes of this place! But as a moderator I want to make it clear that I see it as being incumbent on all posters to use words and a tone that show respect for other posters. If posters show an ability and a willingness to post with respect then disagreements can be raised, and healthy debate can flourish. Thanks to every poster here who has and is already posting in a respectful and considered way. It is not always easy to find the most respectful words when taking a disagreeing stance, but I do think that it is vital to the health of this forum that disagreeing stances are respectfully worded.

    If it is judged that words or a tone has been used that are not carefully considered and respectful, posts may be edited or deleted. If the poster later returns with the same point, made with greater respect, then that's fine as far as I'm concerned. Well done he.

    Freedom of speech is vital to any forum. But, freedom of speech is part of a wider school of thought built around respect for, and the dignity of every individual. Freedom of speech is not a tissue mask behind which a thoughtless and potty mouth can be hidden or protected. Everyone here has freedom of speech within this context. But not if their postings take them outside of it.

    It's impossible to make a hard and fast rule about what constitutes 'respect' or 'nastiness', and grey areas will themselves I'm sure, be hotly contested. But I know the mod's here will try to be objective and as consistent as possible. There will be differences between the interpretations of the moderators, but I believe(?) that we are in broad agreement on this issue. The kinds of nastiness that can provide such morbid curiosities on other forums we will try to avoid.

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