Classical?: Buy this NOW! Zoe Keating - Into the Trees

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This is one of those happy accidents, following a suggestion I received months ago. I finally went to, and looked for something to download. I had no idea who anyone was, I must be getting old! Now I haven't had a decent look at the site yet, but there appears to be thousands of mostly unsigned artists distributing their music there.

You have the chance to listen to everything, download it if you want. At the download page, there is dropdown menu for format - uncompressed FLAC is under 'nerds & audiophile'. I like this turns out the FLAC is 44.1.

Now, to the music. One of my downloads last night was a girl called Zoe Keating, a cellist. She plays in a modern style - you hear there is little 'classical' influence to her work, more like alternative rock influence. On cello. Yeah, I know...It isn't fully acoustic either, there are a few interesting effects in there.

It kept me up until 2am anyway - what an interesting and very beautiful album. The recording quality happens to amongst the best I've heard on redbook as well, it seems almost completely uncompressed. Here:

Someone else try this & tell me what you think of it - £8 well spent, and it went straight to the artist as well.



  • I think I might, having sampled it streamed off the Interwebs.

    Just listening to this, one of the few names I'd heard of, but it's probably just too New Age for me. 
  • Bought and played a couple of times. It's good, but a whole album of cello electronica is probably going to grate after a while, so I can see myself playing bits of it.

    Nice recording, tho'
  • I found the Coba Coba Remixed album by Novalima very good indeed.  Cheers Alan.
  • I just checked out Zoe Keating on wiki - I didn't realise she was so established. She also played with Rasputina! I had the pleasure of listening to one of their records once, which I won't forget - I remember one track about Capybara IIRC!
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