Speaker switch for Zone two output

In my living groom I have a Surround sound amp, ...the girlfriend did not like the esoteric kit and difficulty in using the setup I had ...so we went digital to a Yamaha Surround sound amp .

Any way, the amp Yamaha RX-V771 drives Monitor Audio Vector 10 / 20 speakers in the TV/ living room as 5.1 setup

Zone 2 output is in the bedroom driving 8 Ω shelf speakers.
I want to add another set of 8ohm speakers (waterproof) wall mount type in the bath/ shower room.

I'd like to be able to switch the Zone 2 speakers to Bedroom or bathroom or both

I had seen a QEDSS20 speaker switch ..but that will combine the speakers to present the amp with a 4 Ω load...so that is a no go.

Can any one tell me if there is any 2 way speaker switching units available that can allow one or both pairs of speakers to be run , while at all times presenting an 8 Ω load to the amp?




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    In reality there in no way of offering the receiver a guaranteed 8ohm load and it's not getting that now!. Even a single pair's impedance will drop in real usage and this effect is multiplied by more pairs.
    On the specs for your receiver it quotes power output levels for loads of 8/6/4/&2 ohms. This suggests the amplifier section can actually handle this, possibly with distortion acccuring at lower volumes which would need to be avoided.

    AFAIK the QED units are spec'd to present the amp with a minimum of 4ohms, so again in theory you should be ok. If you want something more capable both Niles Audio and Dayton Loudspeaker Co. (in USA) make units that will keep the loads more constant, i.e. if you have two nominal loads of 8ohms these switches have load compensation to keep it that way, subject to my opening comment.
  • OK, thanks
    On reading the QED specs they seemed to say do not use the SS20 on amps that are set for 8 ohms...so I was wary.

    I'll look at those you mention


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