Spring bake-off

Thinking that I should have a bake-off down here in LA.

Sometime in the spring might be the best idea.

Only one thing. No speakers, please! We have polished softwood floors that are easily marked!



  • No problem Dave, my 18 inch Goodwood subwoofer is on castors...

    Seriously, this is something that I'd seriously consider. =D>

    A Wonfor Class A reunion perhaps...? ;)

  • Well, not one found its way to Paul's yesterday, which was a shame.
  • It was a shame David.  Another bake off sounds like a good idea.  Ben could use his sub with the new spiked castors fitted...just roll/clunk your way over the floor to the resting position and give a hefty heave from above to settle the sub nicely into place  ;;)

    Ben, no wearing your "Friday Night" heals due to the floor though ;)
  • Have fun chaps but I won't be able to make it 8-|
  • Really great to hear this is on the cards as I know a few people were disappointed not to be able to make it in Nov.
    Tho Dave, what welcoming ceremony can you possibly design to surpass the ancient Naga tasting rituals of Dursley town??
  • Will there be custard tarts Dave ????
  • From the Portuguese Cafe, of course. A local speciality in LA.
  • I coming yipeee
  • What details are crystalising...?
  • Docfoster said:

    What details are crystalising...?

    Mostly the tart situation by the looks of it!!

  • We're having some work done here at the moment, so I'm not in a position to suggest a date yet.
  • edited March 2016
    Now now my tarts are ok

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