November Bake-off

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    Hi Col.  No.  

    We stayed by and large where we were, at a rural part of the coastline, no phones, internet or TV to bother us.  Bliss.

    Are you coming over for the bake off event?  About time we met up!  Reminds me, we all need to fix a date for this if its going to happen
  • Paul I would love to, the last one you had I was poorly I recal.
    That area is lovely, did you see the standing stones, I forgot the name amazing work, went for miles.
  • @PAC I'd love to come along, too. I may even have a late entrant for the bake-off ;-)

    Ben - will there be a bed at the hotel I stayed at last time? :-)
  • Dave,
    Yes. Though rates have increased markedly over the past couple of years.
    Yes. Still very much up for this. If September, I am able to make weekends excluding those of 5th and 19th.
  • Is this a speaker or amp bake-off...? Or will it be a more amorphous hifi bring-and-listen session...?
    In any event, I welcome it. Thanks Paul.
  • Sept is out for me will be recovering from OP I missed it last time also.  8-X
  • Looks like October 17, 14 or 31st for me if we're looking for a Saturday after September.

    Just a thought. If Paul were to do a speaker bake-off, I could do an amp one sometime. Speakers aren't on here, because of polished wood floorboards suffering.
  • To make sure everyone can come, how about early October and that way Col and Dave can make it over too?  17th ok with everyone?

    Lets keep it as an open bake off event.  Room for speakers may be limited depending on what I have in at the time.  You cant move for speakers here at the minute so now would be no good!
  • Sorry can't do 17th October, after all that - Sam is doing her Black Belt in Choi on the Sunday. Wasn't in our shared diary when I looked earlier.

    Can we move it a week back, please? To the 24th?
  • October booked out for me unfortunately. :(
    Please go ahead if others can do. :)
  • Oops. You can't do October at all?

    How's November looking??
  • November looks better...
    All weekends except 7th are free.
  • November good for me, Colin if you need a ride in the Sovereign 'obile just let me know
  • James do I have to push start it again, phew hard work that Bat Mobile. Cool Thanks.
  • I've pimped my ride since then. If I put my open baffles in the back with the 15inch drivers then we'll be crusing
  • November's fine with me.  Give me a day all can do and I'll pencil it in.
  • For me November choices (in order of preference) would be weekends of:
    1. 28th
    2. 21st (tho probably couldn't do the Sunday (22nd))
    3. 14th

    I can't do weekend of 7th at all, and re. the previous weekend, I could make only Sunday 1st (Saturday 31st Oct is RWC final).

    Any diary overlaps...?
  • How is everyone else fixed for 14th?
  • OK for me Paul.
  • I hope I can make it I will try so move quick Paul. he he  :D
  • 14th it is then!

    Sadly, all impulse and Rhapsody speakers will be long gone by then so it'll just be the Raptors plus whatever others want to bring although space is limited!

    I'd advise bringing a selection if interconnects, longer may be better for source bake offs (using the Emille) and for using my sources to what amps you want to bring.
  • I'll bring my new class A amp, 
  • I hope I'll have something to bring along ;-)
  • I can make the 14th if there's space :-h
  • Can anyone bring a good tube SECA amp along? It would be a very interesting comparison.
  • Yes very interesting 
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    I can bring my Audio Note Oto Signature assuming there's room for a little one. It's 10w single ended class A. Lovely glowing valves.

    Although it won't drive Paul's speakers very well.
  • You could always bring the Impulses as well  8-}
  • You'd be welcome James, and the OTO will drive the Raptors but won't get the best from them as they need a little more grip (lower output impedance from the amp is really needed) but I'd be intrigued to listen to the OTO as it did great things with the Agathon Ultimates I used to have here.

    So, we have Dave, Doc, James, Sov & Col?  It may get a little crowded with any more!

  • And Suzy I think
  • 2 sittings...?
    And yes, Suzy wants in.
  • Yes please :-)
  • Who's sitting on who's lap then  :\">
  • You can sit on a SECA :D
  • That would be the hot seat  :))
  • Suzy's in too.  We can just squeeze the hot seat in!  Hot chilli oil for the pizzas will be plentiful as we've had a bountiful chilli harvest this year.  Amongst them are Tokyo Hot and Norfolk Naga (Ghost Chilli) afraid....
  • Thought the SECA was reserved for boiling the tea kettle.

    Thanks for finding room for me. I will be relying on my Ladybird Book of Audiophilia on the day. But can contribute homebaked Chelsea buns (chilli oil optional).
  • Hi guys.
    Feeling sad and a bit bad about this...
    Looks like I can't be at the bake-off after all.
    As I say, feel bad, as I know that my needs influenced the date. Sorry.
    On the other hand, it looks like it's a bit oversubscribed so maybe there's an upside.
    In any event I'm sure you'll cope without me somehow. :-)

    I should be able to put a couple of people up overnight here in Gloucester if required, so I can still support the event. :-)
  • Hi People's
    I'm also not able to make it to the bakeoff. I've run into a bit of poor health and I need to look after meself.
    It would have been good to show off Colin's big 40w design, maybe another time
  • Are you out of hospital James?
  • Hi Sov, really sorry to hear your health isnt great right now. Keep taking lots of care of yourself :-)
  • Thanks Suzy
    Dave still inside and will be for a fair while, I'll get there don't you worry
  • Just catching up, haven't been looking in for a while as busy...sorry to learn you're poorly James, hope it's nothing serious and get well soon.  Begs the question now, are we still on and if so, who is actually attending now?
  • I'm up for it Paul.
  • Good man.  Looks like it's down to 4 people then?  Suxy, yourself, Col, and James?

    My Turntables and CDP are specially programmed to have a seizure if plinky plonk Jazz (nice!) or contemporary improvised jazz (smmmmmokin!) come anywhere near them, ahem...
  • Yep, I'll be there Paul along with.a selection of improv jazz classics for your delectation :-\"
  • Have we got a start time? 

  • Am I right in thinking there are plaenty of SW UK based members here? I lived just outside of Bridgwater many years ago....and rep'd all round Cornwall, Somerset, Devon & Bristol. Cornwall is my favourite though :)

  • Hey I forgot I am coming I have to film it all for James.

    So remind me of the day and location please somebody, I bring my basic SECA Thunderbird 5 Look a Like
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