A new appearance for Chews - what do you think?

I very much like this theme for Chews, so I thought I'd leave it up for you to have a play.

From my POV, it keeps Chews looking fresh and seems to offer a better user experience.


  • Interesting format.
  • Liking it!
  • Thanks folks.

    I think I'm going to have to take Chews down sometime soon and rebuild it from scratch because some things are still not working - eg quotes - and there are inconsistencies - eg I can't see user icons on my Mac, but can see them on my iPad.

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    Looking good, but it would look even better if my Avatar was the biggest 
  • You'll have to be content that your amp makes the biggest noise :-)
  • I think I prefer the look of the new to the old. The new one is neat and minimal like a batchelor pad, or a designer kitchen.
    Good work Sgnr Rosam. ^:)^
    I hadn't been aware of the change till I visited on the laptop just now, because on my phone it looks the same as it ever did.
    Haven't used it enough to comment on functionality (is that the right word...)?
    Only thing that struck me negatively, and it's a very minor point, is that the "Announcement" and "Post Comment" fills being in blue is a bit much. My eye would prefer them in green.
    But overall, things looking slick, professional and cool: So, in the image of our lord and master then.
  • Thanks Ben
  • First problem encountered...
    I can't access my "signature settings". When I click on the button the link doesn't go anywhere.
    OK, that's a slight overreaction, but I was very mildly disappointed.
  • Yup. I found that one myself!

    I suspect it'll have to wait for the reinstall to be fixed.
  • My avatar has evaporated (after surviving the initial impact)...!
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    My guess is Chews was subjected to a largely unsuccessful hack, which has damaged some parts of Vanilla but didn't manage to install anything nasty - I've run software on the server and there are no warnings - or kill Chews entirely.

    I need to find a chunk of time over a weekend to start from scratch.
  • It's a drain on your time.

    Worse still, I notice that there are recommendations for some rather unpleasant jazz choices attributed to your account in the "Listening to..." thread.
    Slanderous really.
  • (Have now reinstalled Bettie as my Avatar...)
  • Those recommendations are utterly shameful.
  • Can I not be Lord Colonel Sir Chews????
  • You can, but such titles are either hereditary or cost a lot of SECA amplifiers (the Chews legal tender as of Monday 27 July 2015).
  • Do I have to answer? OK it should be green, Dave it nice and nice.

    Work here I come again, to the PIT I go.

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    From Mr Ben:

    Worse still, I notice that there are recommendations for some rather unpleasant jazz choices attributed to your account in the "Listening to..." thread.
    Slanderous really.

    I noticed this too Mr Ben.  I looked up some of the recommendations and "you-faced" them on Spitify to see what they were all about. It took around 10 black coffees and some diazipam to get me back on an even keel and to stop the twitching.  I noticed that during my ordeal, I had a real compunction to utter words like "smokin!" and "nice!" and "cool cardigans".  Please, please, please can we have all contemprary jazz recommendations restricted to their own section with a health warning attached and a disclaimer box which needs ticking before entry is granted?  Ithankyou. My children thank you.
  • Paul, for my visits to the "Listening to..." room I have purchased the following:
    You have to listen through that little orange mic thing, but for me it's a price worth paying. It's not worth the risk of contamination imho.
  • I feel I've been too unkind today.
    No more.
    We love you Dave!

  • Paul, as in RFC. I was joining in with his gentle fun-poking, and was too lazy to copy a portion of his post of 15th August to indicate as such...
  • Why do you hate my music so?
  • TBH I dislike (hate is too strong a word) most people's music. I only like my own brands. Music is a bit likes farts for me in that regard.
    I probably have more in common with yours (music) than most people's!

    I think the running joke about your music has very little to do with my actual opinion of your music. It springs from behaviours that I suspect are typical of my patterns of relating to people within the groups of which I am a member. I (subconsciously) tend to look for a way of characterising someone and (subconsciously) try to make it a commonly accepted stereotype through humour and gentle teasing. E.g. I find myself trying to characterise Suzy as a raging feminist. I would like to think I avoid upsetting or insulting characterisations, but I may misjudge sometimes.
    I do accept it when it's dished out to me. Well mostly... ;)
  • But I set myself up for it, don't I? Uglymusic...
  • Indeed.
    I think my characterisations are based on some colonel of truth and / or the impression of tacit consent from the characterisee.
  • "E.g. I find myself trying to characterise Suzy as a raging feminist."

    Related image

    Qui? Moi??
  • Showing less flesh than that, and appearing less mirthful, but you're on the right lines.
  • Will Suzy grace us at the chews day in November??
  • Is November the new month for the Gloucestershire bake-off? I'd like to if I can. I could prepare some classic feminist tracts to share with you all. Maybe a bit of Wollstonecraft? Or Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own perhaps? (actually, maybe not that one, I may get shoved in the closet with all the old cables!!)

    Have we got as far as dates for Nov?? I appear to have missed a thread somewhere.
  • I think we have or have we, I'm not sure
  • We did. I'm sure, but I haven't put it in my diary. Paul (@PAC)?
  • duh! My fault, I hadnt seen the prominently highlighted thread at the top of the page, boldly labelled November Bake-off!  Looks like Nov 14th then. It's in my diary :-)
  • Not your stupidity Suze. I only set it up this morning after the questions about the bake-off.
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