IMPORTANT: Houston, we have a problem... (probably)

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Yesterday, I posted:

Audio Chews is now on its new host and the DNS is propagating. If you can see this message, then you're still looking at the old server and you'll need to make your posts again on the new version.

But there's no sign of the migration happening. This could be because:
  1. The DNS change is taking its time - I have to leave it for 48hours, strictly
  2. There is a problem with the domain host
  3. There is a problem with the server set-up
My bet is that it's No 3, but I won't have any chance to set it up again until this evening at the earliest.

In the meantime, continue posting here as normal. 

Sorry about this, folks.


  • The transfer didn't happen, so I'll have to try it all over again later in the week.

    Sorry for the messing about.
  • We still moving Dave? The forum was really slow a week or so back, but seems pretty sharp today.
  • We are, but I need to find a spare weekend for safety's sake.

    I've had the lurgy for a week now so this weekend, which was a possibility, wasn't the one.
  • Ok, Hope you didn't mind my asking. I wasnt on your case!

    I hope you feel better soon, its too nice out to be ill.
  • No, not at all, Alan.

    I keep meaning to update everyone.

    I think I've just about shifted it. Today is the first full day of work since last Tuesday, so I have some catching up to do.
  • I'll say. You'll be going flat out until at least 5pm! ;)
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